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Inspection of Solid Woven Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Number of visits: Date:2019-10-23 10:36
In the many kinds of conveyor belts, there is a special kind-long distance underground transport for coal or other materials, the professional name is SWR (solid woven fire resistant) conveyor belt.
The conveyor belt is mainly used the flame retardant rubber as the top and bottom covering layer;The ear rubber adopts the high elastic square steel bar arranged horizontally;The core is made of canvas with rubber.The conveyor belt with such a structure still has to pass a series of safety tests to ensure the safety of use.
The SWR conveyor belt's type, size and other aspects the related documents have to do a detailed description, as long as contrast the description are in accordance with it.However, there are more requirements for the inspection of appearance quality, the main points are as follows:

1.The depth of the scar on the conveyor belt surface should not be more than 1 mm;
2.The total area of air bubbles and delamination on the covering layer per unit area shall not be specified;
3.The total length of defects such as lack of ear rubber, split, sponge and foam should not exceed 1% of the total length;
4.No canvas be exposed on the surface;
5.There shall be no hinge - type tape end rupture.
Once exceed the specified scope, it must be repaired in time.
After testing these appearance parameters, it is necessary to test the anti-static performance of the conveyor belt.Because the conveyor belt is arranged horizontally with high-elastic steel bars, it is not easy to cut, so during the test, we can be cut down lengthways every 300 mm.Swabbed the sample with clean silk or gauze dipped in distilled water. Put the sample on a slightly larger insulating plate with the plastered side facing up.
The surface resistance of the wiped copper electrode base is measured by placing it on the surface and connecting the power supply.Finish the same test in three times, and then take its average value to show how the anti-static line
If the unqualified SWR conveyor belt is applied to the actual work, it is prone to failure and the safety cannot be guaranteed.

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